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Click-On (Page 2) 'above' for: My Eleven (11) Scientific Papers and Mathematical Proofs on the Force of 'Gravity' - also available on my other website: (There are more Papers soon to come)

     Please understand that 'throughout this website' the harsh edge on the way I speak (in spite of the scientists and professors I'm currently contacting - giving it a final shot)  was 'bought and paid for' by the unaceptable treatment that I have received from scientists and university professors over the past seven (7) years. Without a single exception (in return communications) I have been treated with hostile resentment year after year - my crime: being the guy that 'discovered' what they failed to discover, the True Physics of the 'Force of Gravity' (and a myriad of other related 'major' discoveries) - my bigger crime: being a 'lowly' highschool grad with no advanced 'formal' education in Astrophysics. My many decades of self-study in Astrophysics (and the associated sciences), and, my 143 IQ have been arrogantly dismissed. After contacting well over a thousand professors over the years I have nothing to show for it but 'nasty, personal, hostile' return emails in which I have never 'ever' received a single comment on my many discoveries themselves - only 'personal attacks' on my unworthiness to contribute.

     Here I stand armed with the answer to Gravity's true nature, while all scientists that have ever lived have 'never' understood the Force of Gravity - an understanding which is 'everything' for those involved in the study of the universe because almost all 'other things' are evaluated 'against' their 'false understanding' of Gravity. So as time continues to pass, all I get from these 'living scientists' is disrespect while (all the while) they stumble about being 'dead wrong' about so many things and 'mystified' by so much more because of their 'false take' on Gravity.  Well, my 'feelings' are no longer 'hurt' as they initially were - now, I'm simply 'pissed-off'.

My warning to students of science on career paths whereas a proper understanding of 'GRAVITY' is of Great 'Core' Importance: Under the 'faulty wings' of the world's 'flawed' educational system headed by professors of demonstrated 'self-interest' (professors focused on protecting their long-established direction and reputations of ill-built construction) I am warning all students that they 'will be' wrongly educated and thus mis-lead by said beloved professors. They (as a community) 'having heard from me' knowingly fail in the noble pursuit of science itself while fraudulantly continuing to 'spin' their many past errors in judgement (thus faulty conclusions) as legitimate teachings - just as if the crap that they continue to 'trowel-out' still has standing.

     I assure every student at every learning institution (on earth) that every professional scientist and professor (on earth) is 'wrong as hell' about their century-old understanding of the Force of Gravity (allegedly enabled by a theoretical particle that they call a Graviton, a nonexistent particle) which has led them to many additional false conclusions such as 1) what they think gives a particle mass, a theoretical particle of their failed thinking 'the Higgs Boson' or God Particle, 2) where they think Gravity comes from, Einstein's pathetic space-time 'Curvature' in conjunction with the bull-shit Graviton, 3) their false belief in angular momentum of electron orbit, a major failure in thinking, 4) there false belief in particle/wave duality, a sad cop-out, 5) their false beliefs in dark matter and dark energy, driven by their pure stupidity, 6) their failure to understand the simple structure of galactic webbing which is manifest throughout the entire universe - and on and on. Reading the (my) papers offered on this website will provide the answers to all these mysteries and more. 

     You must read this website (and my Papers and Included Mathematical Proofs on Gravity) to avoid years (even decades) of wasted career time and counterproductive confusion. You will learn the 'Truth' of Gravity and thereby avoid the False Concept of Einstein's Space-time 'Curvature' - the 'flawed thinking' and all the false assumptions, conclusions, and assertions it has lead scientists 'of systemic bad habbit and overtrusting nature' to wrongly embrace over the past century. 

     The outragious irony of Einstein's 'Curvature' as the driving mechanism of Gravity is that with the most basic analysis in thinking 'Curvature' (as a Space-time fabric geometry) would actually work to push matter masses apart. This is something that will become 'painfully' clear to all scientists 'long in the tooth' - to all scientists, all of which are 'wrong as hell' in their unwavering prior and present belief in 'Curvature' (the basis of their career-long 'false' direction and teachings to others). But, by the same token, this is something that will become 'delightfully' clear to all scientists 'at the birth of their careers' as they will have careers that will 'ring of success' - a benefit of sound direction that I'm happy to provide to those that read this website.

     The truth of Gravity that all readers will learn at this website (and that I will incontrovertibly prove both Mathematically and Graphically) is that, though Gravity's force is manifest at varying strengths throughout the full length of counter-crossing (thus overlapping/melding) space-time fields (spanning 'between' and 'beyond' given matter masses), the 'Effective' Force of Gravity is manifest at specific weakest (lowest proportional field density) locations 'between' given matter masses - a force manifest through the compounding/melding of their (given matter masses) outward radiating self-cohesive (self-gravitational) Space-time fields of inverse square 'outward' diminishment. This fact of my discovery will become the 'final truth' of the Gravitational Force manifest throughout our universe, and, between all universes at various stages of their existence.  
     Having learned the truth of Gravity 'here' you will come to understand the fraudulant 'ignorance driven' recent ad-hoc inventions of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Once you are armed with my discovery of the 'True' Cause and Physics of Gravity, you will then understand the nature and structure of 'Galactic Webbing', the true nature and mechanics of 'Orbits', the true nature of 'Galactic Clustering', and the true nature and cause of our universe's expansion. You'll also 'not' be prone to embrace the false existance of the 'Graviton' and the Higgs Boson (what they call the God Particle), nor will you accept the absurdity of the Ground State 'Perpetual Angular Momentum of Electrons', nor will you ever again accept the false magic of (or belief in) Particle/Wave Duality. You will learn the 'Truth' of Electron Shells and Orbital Zones of Electrons attracted by the Protons of atomic structure - and on, and on, and on. Damn, you will become viable scientists with a correct career heading - as per your sharp (finely tuned) 'new understanding' of the universe which I have provided you.

     Once readers are hit with the 'thunderbolt' (that my equations, logic, and graphics absolutely generate) they will be confident as never before in their understanding of Gravity - that fields of Space-time fabric 'themselves' overlap and meld together to manifest a pulling/binding force 'between' matter masses (the force that we call Gravity). Space-time fabric 'is' the self-cohesive thus self-gravitational medium of non-particulate structure, the fabric/medium filling the endless three-dimensional volume of infinity - the medium from which all matter mass is 'made', the medium which radiates outward 'from' all matter masses 'to which' it is focused. Space-time fabric is both inwardly anchored (focused) 'to' matter mass and conversely it outwardly radiates 'from' matter mass (decreasing in density/strength at the inverse square of distance increase) each field counter-crossing to overlap, merge, meld with 'other' like fields of 'other' matter masses. Ergo I give you the force of Gravity as manifest by overlapping/melding Space-time fields - essentially these are Space-time muscles spanning 'between' and enveloping all matter masses, muscles which I have long-ago named 'Newtonian Tethers'.

     Learn from this website and (armed with the truth of Gravity) you will challenge your professors well beyond their comfort zone, knowledge base, and abilities - they will reveal themselves to be the relics (in thinking) that they 'in fact' are. 

     Learn from this website 'not' and I assure you that your careers in scientific pursuit will 'largely' come to nothing as you share the pathetic thinking of present entrenchment - you will forever continue to lay the 'spoiled eggs' of failure. 
     This is my final warning. If you (as students of science) bypass the opportunity to read this website and its' (my 11) Papers and Mathematical Proofs on the 'True Cause and Physics of GRAVITY' (as early 'in time' as possible in your careers), YOU WILL REGRET IT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES - this is as 'real' as it (your career) gets.

Critical Insights that this Website Will Provide:
    • The Reality of the True Nature thus Physical Mechanics of the 'Gravitational Force'
    • The Actual Innate Nature of the 'Infinate Space-time Fabric' and all 'Contained Matter'
    • The Correctness of Isaac Newton's 'Direct Force Gravity' (of his Undiscovered Cause) 
    • The Simplicity of 'Orbital Mechanics' (as Governed by Compounding/Overlapping Space-time Fields)
    • The Formation of 'Galactic Webbing' (as Governed by Compounding/Overlapping Space-time Fields) 
    • The Incorrectness of Albert Einstein's Century Accepted 'Gravity of Space-time Curvature'
    • The Direct Connection between the 'Speed of Light' and the 'Gravitational Constant'
    • The False Assumption of the existance of the 'Higgs Boson' (sadly also known as the God Particle)
    • The False Assumption of the existance of the 'Graviton'
    • The Utter Fraud of 'Dark Matter' and 'Dark Energy' (of Scientific Community Fabrication)
    • The Absurdness of the Accepted Mystery of the 'Blind Side' of the 'Big Bang Event'
    • The Absurdity of the 'Perpetual Momentum of Electrons' in the Ground State
    • The True Nature and Physical Mechanics of 'Electron Shells and Orbitals' 
    • The Century-old False Assumption of Particle/Wave Duality